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Group Bookings and Custom Tours

Bring your group to York and enjoy exploring the city’s rich past with our knowledgeable and engaging tour guides. See the sights from our open-top bus and take part in workshop activities. Gain an overview of the city’s history or choose tours specific to your class’s subjects!


All tours are pitched at a level appropriate for children and led by tour guides whose backgrounds include working in schools and museums, and they include interactive workshop activities, appropriate to the weather on the day.


City Sightseeing York is partnered with many other local attractions and walking tours, which can be added to the tour at a discounted rate, to provide a richer experience and deeper understanding of the subject material.

We offer several themed tours you can choose from

Journey around York discovering important sites in the city’s glorious history. Link the places you see to key periods and learn stories which bring them to life! Covering the Romans, Middle Ages, Dick Turpin, Victorians and lots more. 


This tour includes York Minster, Clifford’s Tower, Terry’s Chocolate factory, River Ouse, and much more.


1. 2000-Year History of York Tour

Explore Eboracum, as you find out about life in the fortress and Roman colonia. View the remains of a 2000-year-old fortress and find out what it was like to be a soldier. Listen to the stories of the visiting emperors, as well as the gladiators, ghosts, and multicultural citizens  of Roman York.

15% off

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2. Roman York

Roman fortress remains 

©C M Geeson

Picture 3.jpg

Roman column

©C M Geeson

This tour includes all of York’s best Roman remains: Fortress walls, towers and column, reduced entry to the Roman Bath Museum, and more. You also get the advantage of using use one of our buses to move around between the sites, seeing additional parts of the city and learning more of its Roman history – including places where key Roman artefacts were unearthed. Enjoy the ride! 


This tour includes all of York’s best Roman remains: Fortress walls, towers and column, reduced entry to the Roman Bath Museum*, and more.


* Addition costs apply to attraction admittance, but offered at a discounted rate as part of the tour

Explore impressive buildings and find out about the monks, soldiers, and people who lived in them in the Middle Ages. Hear stories of York’s castle, the kings who visited, and the battles fought close by; see the Minster and the medieval streets and buildings that are still here. Discover the unique fortifications of Walmgate Bar and see Micklegate Bar, where the heads of traitors were put on spikes during the Wars of the Roses!


This tour includes York Minster, all four Bar Towers on the City Walls, The Shambles, Clifford’s Tower, and much more, including secret parts of Medieval York.

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3. Medieval York

Abbey ruins

©C M Geeson

Picture 6.jpg

The Grand Hotel

©C M Geeson


4. York's Victorian Industries

Discover York’s industrial past with a tour taking in its fabulous railway and chocolate heritage, plus the secret reminders of York’s other industries, including the towering remains of a flour milling site hidden in the heart of the city. Listen to stories of George Hudson and the Rowntrees – as well as York’s other inventors and pioneers, with their quirky and useful contraptions such as gas lamps, a super-fast horse-drawn carriage, and a steam-powered car!


This tour includes York’s Railway Station area, Terry’s Chocolate Factory, Victorian bridges, churches, warehouses, lamps and much more.

5. Make-Your-Own Tour!

We are happy to tailor-make a tour for you. Select your own itinerary; choose how long you want your tour to be. By bus or on foot, or a combination of both? Pick the sights you want to see, the historical periods you want to cover, themes, people, activities etc, to integrate it more deeply with your class’s requirements. Perhaps you want more about Georgians or the Civil War, the Tudors or Wartime York? Our knowledgeable team will create a specific tour just for you!

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